Client Module Demo

A video demonstrating our clients’ online interface that is available for ordering background checks, monitoring the status of a report, viewing/printing reports, and contacting customer service via E-mail: Client Module Demo

VeroHire Applicant Tracking Demo

VeroHire allows you to create a job board, an electronic candidate application, and electronic disclosure/consent for the candidates. It is customizable, and HTML links can be added to your existing company web site if you prefer. You can monitor and track the applications and the status of the candidates, as well as submit those that you want to hire for an automated background check based on the information pre-filled on the candidate’s application.

Want to see VeroHire in action? Check out this video: VeroHire Applicant Tracking Demo

SwiftHire – Automatic Ordering and Electronic Consent

These videos demonstrate the SwiftHire system which is included in your online account. This system allows you to email an electronic consent to your candidate, and it is mobile device friendly. When the candidate completes the consent process and submits, a background check order is automatically created and put on hold. You are then notified via email that the order is ready for you to review and submit to us for processing. Easy and automatic!

Want to see SwiftHire in action? Check out these two videos:
1. This is a short video with just a very general overview showing how it allows your candidates to fill out everything online or with their mobile device:

Swifthire Mobile

2. Watch the SwiftHire video below for the online system overview:

Swifthire Client Configuration

(We also offer integrations with most applicant tracking systems (ATS). Email us for details if you need this service.)