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Service Description Why should this be part of your background screening process?
Consent-Based SSN Verification CBSV is the premier method of personal identifier/SSN verification, administered by the Social Security Administration Provides direct access to SSA Master File & Death Index to verify the social security number’s validity; same day results; thwarts fraud and ID theft
 SSN Trace A past address history database search that retrieves information from credit sources and reveals where a subject has lived in the past and other names they may have used This tool is used in combination with information provided by your applicant to determine the names and locations to search for possible criminal records
County Criminal Live search of criminal records at the county courts using a nationwide network of researchers; 7-year records search of both felony and misdemeanor cases The most important, most current, and most detailed tool available for uncovering criminal records.
Instant National Criminal Index A database containing state criminal databases and state sex offender registries; this database gives nationwide coverage, but is only as inclusive and current as the jurisdictions that report to it Excellent tool for broad criminal records coverage; especially good for applicants who have lived and worked in multiple states.  Note: Records must be confirmed at county level prior to adverse action being taken.
Statewide Criminal A database containing criminal records information from various state law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions; provides individual statewide coverage, but is only as inclusive and current as the jurisdictions that report to it Excellent tool for statewide criminal records coverage; especially good for applicants who have lived and worked in multiple locations in a state.  Note: Records must be confirmed at county level prior to adverse action being taken.
Federal Criminal Federal crimes are a separate jurisdiction than crimes found at the county and state levels; they include only an overall small percentage of crimes but they are severe including kidnapping, interstate drug trafficking, bank robbery, securities fraud, etc.; Each state has between 1 to 4 Federal US District Courts where records may be located Recommended for the most thorough criminal records check possible, Federal records should be checked, in addition to records checks at the county and state levels; Especially recommended for higher level positions in your company and for certain industries.
Sex Offenders Sex offender registries contain information on criminals convicted of violent and other sexual crimes, and sexual offenses against children; Available at the state level or the national level Highly recommended, especially for employees and others who will be accessing people’s homes, or working near or with children or other special needs individuals.  Note: The National sex offender search is including in our Instant National Criminal Index Search.
Driving History Reports Standard 3-year driving records from all 50 states, which include conviction records of DWI/DUI, accidents, and traffic violations, as well as license revocations or suspensions, etc. Instantly available from most states through our automated system; Recommended for company drivers or outside sales/service, and for general screening purposes.  Note: Also used as a tool for verifying the applicant’s full name and date of birth.
OFAC/Global Watch Database from a variety of sources, including the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) that lists individuals, groups, companies or entities owned or controlled by or acting on behalf of targeted countries (including terrorists and international narcotics traffickers) May be useful for some businesses or industries but caution must be used because this database is a name match only and may generate “false hits.”

Packages Available

Comprehensive Criminal Package  Includes: SSN Trace, County Criminal, National Criminal Database, Federal Criminal, Driving Record

Basic Criminal Package Includes: SSN Trace, County Criminal (county of residence only), National Criminal Database
Other Packages Available Nanny/Caregiver Package; Non-Profit Organization Package; Graduating Student Package; Job-Seeker Package

We also offer verification services

Education Confirmation of applicants’ education; We will verify institutions, enrollment dates, major areas of study, degrees earned, and other transcript information where available
Employment We contact previous employers and draw on their knowledge of the applicant during the employment period specified on the application or resume; Information may be obtained from past supervisors, HR personnel, or other verifiers designated by the employer; Verification may include employment dates, character, salary, job title, rehire status, reason for leaving and job performance
Professional License Useful for confirming professional licenses, certifications, and professional standing with regulatory bodies; Based on information provided, we contact licensing agencies and verify the requested information
References We interview professional or personal references to obtain information regarding character, integrity, dependability, skills, strong and weak points, activities, interests, and other information the reference is willing to provide regarding the applicant